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  1. The Human Rights Policy of the European Union: Between Ambition and Ambivalence

    The AIV believes that the EU’s human rights policy needs to be improved. The AIV advises the government to focus intently on ...

    Publication | 01-07-2011

  2. Reforms in the Arab Region: Prospects for Democracy and the Rule of Law?

    In ‘Reforms in the Arab Region’ the AIV argues that reforms in this region will benefit from rapid and substantive support for ...

    Publication | 27-05-2011

  3. The Post-2015 Development Agenda: The Millennium Development Goals in Perspective

    In the AIV’s view, the Millennium Development Goals need to be followed up. At the same time, the eight existing goals on poverty ...

    Publication | 01-04-2011

  4. The Human Rights Policy of the Dutch Government: Identifying Constants in a Changing World

    In this report, the AIV examines how the government shapes its foreign policy in the constantly changing international context ...

    Publication | 22-02-2011

  5. Combating Piracy at Sea: A Reassessment of Public and Private Responsibilities

    In order to properly combat piracy – such as that afflicting the coastal waters of Somalia – it is essential that Dutch ...

    Publication | 10-12-2010

  6. The EU’s Capacity for Further Enlargement

    In the report ‘The EU’s Capacity for Further Enlargement’, drawn up at the request of the government and the House of ...

    Publication | 02-07-2010

  7. Open Letter to a New Dutch Government

    In a letter to the Senate, the House of Representatives and the incoming Dutch government, the AIV observes that imprudent cuts ...

    Publication | 04-06-2010

  8. The Netherlands and the Responsibility to Protect: The Responsibility to Protect People from Mass Atrocities

    Under the principle of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), if a state is itself unable or unwilling to protect its people from ...

    Publication | 04-06-2010

  9. Cohesion in International Cooperation: Response to the WRR Report ‘Less Pretension, More Ambition’

    In this response to the WRR report, the AIV makes seven critical comments and a number of recommendations of its own.

    Publication | 07-05-2010

  10. NATO’s New Strategic Concept

    In this advisory report the AIV argues that NATO needs to prioritise political dialogue between the US and Europe. A broad ...

    Publication | 29-01-2010