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  1. Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights: An Indivisible Bond

    Sustainable development and human rights are two sides of the same coin. Dutch human rights efforts and sustainable development ...

    Publication | 10-05-2019

  2. Nuclear Weapons in a New Geopolitical Reality: An Urgent Need for New Arms Control Initiatives

    The 20th-century nuclear arms control treaties no longer suffice in the 21st century. We are at risk of a new nuclear arms race. ...

    Publication | 29-01-2019

  3. Forming Coalitions in the EU after Brexit: Alliances for a European Union that Modernises and Protects

    The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union has forced the Netherlands to reorient itself. In addition the Brexit ...

    Publication | 06-07-2018

  4. Fundamental Rights in the Kingdom of the Netherlands: Equivalent Protection in all Parts of the Kingdom

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands is faced with the prospect of a two-tier human rights system. In many cases, human rights treaties ...

    Publication | 08-06-2018

  5. The Future of NATO and European Security

    NATO is facing internal divisions in a growing number of areas. This has called into question its ability to act in an effective ...

    Publication | 06-10-2017

  6. Is the Eurozone Stormproof? On Deepening and Strengthening the EMU

    Since the euro crisis of 2010-2012 the economic differences between the countries in the eurozone have only grown larger. In ...

    Publication | 07-07-2017

  7. The Will of the People? The Erosion of Democracy under the Rule of Law in Europe

    In Europe there is growing alienation among citizens themselves and between the general public and the political establishment. ...

    Publication | 02-06-2017

  8. The Dutch Government’s Presence Abroad

    In recent years the Netherlands’ presence abroad has been affected by substantial spending cuts. Both the number of missions and ...

    Publication | 19-05-2017

  9. Russia and the Defence Efforts of the Netherlands

    The state of the Dutch armed forces is a cause for concern. In recent years the security situation has deteriorated as a result ...

    Publication | 03-03-2017

  10. Brexit means Brexit: Towards a New Relationship with the UK

    As well as representing a split, Brexit also marks the start of a new relationship between the European Union and the United ...

    Publication | 03-03-2017