The Netherlands and the Global Approach to COVID-19

The corona crisis is a humanitarian, socioeconomic and financial crisis, with enormous consequences for vulnerable countries, mainly – but not exclusively – in Africa. The international community must take rapid action to support these countries in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, in order eventually to eliminate it worldwide. Ultimately, this is in our own interests. The coronavirus crisis will not be over in the Netherlands as long as it continues elsewhere in the world.

At a time when international cooperation is more vital than ever, the pandemic is heightening the rivalry between the US and China. We see the power struggle between Washington and Beijing shifting to the international organisations and undermining the multilateral order that has been built since 1945. It is up to Europe to take the lead in the global response.

The AIV recommends that:

  • the Dutch contribution to the fight against the COVID 19-virus be made as far as possible with EU institutions and member states, or in coalitions with like-minded countries.
  • a coherent package of measures be developed for the support priorities listed: provision of medical assistance and healthcare; food aid and a social safety net; socioeconomic prospects and support for refugees and displaced persons.
  • one billion euros be made available to relieve the most acute suffering.

The advisory letter was prepared by Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Professor Mirjam van Reisen, Professor Luuk van Middelaar, Koos Richelle and Monika Sie Dhian Ho. The executive secretary was Dr Marenne Jansen, assisted by AIV trainee Nadia van de Weem.