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  1. Hybrid threats and societal resilience

    Publication | 04-06-2024

  2. A stable and predictable ODA budget

    Publication | 13-03-2024

  3. Ukraine – Resolve, Resilience and Prospects for the Future

    Publication | 22-02-2024

  4. Request for advice on Civil-Military Developments in the Space Domain

    The government has asked the AIV to produce an advisory report on civil-military developments in the space domain. In order to ...

    Advisory request | 21-02-2024

  5. Government response to The Euro on the World Stage

    Government response | 09-12-2023

  6. The necessity of global climate justice

    Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution. Achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement is a collective ...

    Publication | 01-12-2023

  7. Lecture Ivan Krastev 4 September 2023

    2023 marked the AIV's 25th anniversary. In honour of this anniversary, Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev gave a ...

    Lecture | 03-11-2023

  8. Advisory request European Solidarity

    Advisory process on European solidarity

    Advisory request | 02-10-2023

  9. Advisory Request on Promoting Sincere Cooperation

    Advisory process on promoting sincere cooperation The government has asked the Advisory Council on International Affairs to ...

    Advisory request | 25-08-2023

  10. Government response to The War in Ukraine : a Geopolitical Time Shock

    Government response | 19-07-2023