Advisory Request on Promoting Sincere Cooperation

Advisory process on promoting sincere cooperation

The government has asked the Advisory Council on International Affairs to provide advice on promoting sincere cooperation within the European Union. Sincere cooperation is an important principle within the EU because it enables member states to reach decisions together, despite differing interests.

Increasingly in recent years, situations have arisen in which member states did not, in the eyes of other member states, act in the spirit of the principle of sincere cooperation. The request for advice concerns sincere cooperation (and the perception thereof) within the EU, the interests or factors that are the basis for this, and the ways in which sincere cooperation within the EU can be promoted for the purposes of strengthening the effectiveness of decision-making and the unity of EU policy. This is relevant for the cooperation within the EU today, but also for future cooperation in an EU that may include more member states.


The advisory report will be drawn up by a drafting group consisting of members of the European Integration Committee.

Previous AIV report

This report will build on the AIV’s earlier advisory report:
The Will of the People? The Erosion of Democracy under the Rule of Law in Europe


The AIV will strive to present the report in the first half of 2024.


For questions about this advisory process, contact the advisor  to the European Integration Committee, Sabine Visser.