Advisory request Human rights in a changing world

The multilateral system, which underpins international cooperation on human rights, is under pressure. Autocratic states are eroding the system from within, reducing public support for multilateral cooperation and acting transactionally, placing their own interests above shared values and interests. Space for civil society is being constricted, and a lack of consensus is hindering the EU’s ability to take a firm, united stand.

In its request for advice, the government asked the AIV to answer the following questions. How can the growing, adverse influence of autocratic states on the human rights system be countered? How can we ensure the continuing utility of the international human rights system? How can we ensure that civil and political rights continue to receive sufficient attention in the multilateral human rights system? Can a modernised human rights narrative be developed that responds to autocratic tendencies to cast doubt on the basic principles of human rights and focus mainly on socioeconomic rights?

The advisory report is expected to be published at the beginning of 2022.