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Improving Global Financial Cohesion: The Importance of a Coherent International Economic and Financial Architecture

In this advisory report, the AIV argues that the international economic and financial system is not functioning properly and that ...

Publication | 25-06-2014

The EU’s Dependence on Russian Gas: How an Integrated EU Policy can Reduce it

According to the AIV, the EU needs to take measures to reduce the gas dependency of those member states that import more than 50% ...

Publication | 06-06-2014

Development Cooperation: Beyond a Definition

The definition of ODA is a key part of the system of international agreements and cannot be unilaterally abandoned. Any ...

Publication | 09-05-2014

Public Support for the European Union: Building Trust

In its advisory report ‘Public Support for the European Union: Building Trust’, the AIV argues that in order to end the current ...

Publication | 04-04-2014

The Rule of Law: Safeguard for European Citizens and Foundation of European Cooperation

In the advisory report ‘The Rule of Law: Safeguard for European Citizens and Foundation of European Cooperation’, the AIV notes ...

Publication | 24-01-2014

Asia on the Rise: Strategic Significance and Implications

In this report, the AIV concludes that the rise of China will continue over the next 20 years. The big challenge will be to ...

Publication | 06-12-2013

Full Speed Ahead: Response by the AIV to the policy letter ‘Respect and Justice for All’

The AIV appreciates the government’s upholding the tradition of conducting regular reviews of human rights policy in the light of ...

Publication | 06-09-2013

Towards a Stronger Social Dimension of the European Union

The EU will jeopardise its own future if it is unable to prevent polarisation between the northern and southern member states and ...

Publication | 19-06-2013

Crime, Corruption and Instability: An Exploratory Report

Criminal networks cause enormous human suffering and exert influence over a large part of the global economy. A great deal of ...

Publication | 13-05-2013

Between Words and Deeds: Prospects for a Sustainable Peace in the Middle East

In this advisory report, which was drawn up at the request of the Dutch Senate, the AIV observes that the Netherlands should ...

Publication | 21-03-2013