Dr Dorette Corbey

Dr Dorette Corbey

Vice-Chair, European Integration Committee

Dr Dorette Corbey was member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2009, where she was active within the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, the Committee on Industry, Trade, Research and Energy and the Committee on Fisheries. She was rapporteur on various themes and a strong advocate of policy coherence for development, ensuring that EU legislation where possible has a positive impact on developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and in any case avoids any negative effects.

Since 2009 Dr Corbey has held a variety of positions, including chair of the board of the Dutch Emissions Authority, Secretary/Director of the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI), chair of the Advisory Committee on the Sustainability of Biomass and member of the European Bioeconomy Panel. She is also co-founder of the Dutch Bio-Economy Federation and member of the general board of the Rijnland Regional Water Authority.

Dorette Corbey studied social geography at the University of Amsterdam and received a doctoral degree from Leiden University. She subsequently worked for the Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’, before moving on to the Trade Union Confederation (FNV).

Other positions

  •      Chairman of the Bioresources Materials Netherlands Steering Group
  •      Member of the general board of the Rijnland Regional Water Authority
  •      Member of the editorial board of the Brusselse Nieuwe
  •      Chairman of the board of the Netherlands Water Partnership

AIV Advisory reports

Over the past years Dorette Corbey has contributed to the following advisory reports: