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  1. Annual report 2015

    Annual report | 29-01-2016

  2. The Dutch Diamond Dynamic: Doing Business in the Context of the New Sustainable Development Goals

    Sustainable enterprise is too important to be left to the private sector. In ‘The Dutch Diamond Dynamic’ the AIV argues that ...

    Publication | 29-01-2016

  3. Well Connected? On Relations between Regions and the European Union

    Increasingly, subnational authorities are assuming a greater role in the implementation of national and European legislation. As ...

    Publication | 29-01-2016

  4. Deployment of Rapid-Reaction Forces

    The growing instability on the edge of Europe has increased the need for deployment of armed forces – including rapid-reaction ...

    Publication | 02-10-2015

  5. Autonomous Weapon Systems: The Need for Meaningful Human Control

    In the report ‘Autonomous Weapons System: The Need for Meaningful Human Control’, the AIV and CAVV argue that meaningful human ...

    Publication | 02-10-2015

  6. Differentiated Integration: Different Routes to EU Cooperation

    In the AIV’s view, in the future EU member states will rely more often on working in smaller coalitions to resolve problems. It ...

    Publication | 02-10-2015

  7. Financing the International Agenda for Sustainable Development

    In 2015 the international community will adopt a new agenda for sustainable development. This will require major investment from ...

    Publication | 28-04-2015

  8. Instability around Europe: Confrontation with a New Reality

    The Netherlands’ foreign and security policy is confronted with a new reality. There is an ‘arc of instability’ on Europe’s ...

    Publication | 24-04-2015

  9. International Investment Dispute Settlement: From Ad Hoc Arbitration to a Permanent Court

    2014 saw the eruption of a fierce political and public debate on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). ...

    Publication | 10-04-2015

  10. ACP-EU Cooperation after 2020: Towards a New Partnership?

    Since the middle of the 20th century the European Union has maintained a special relationship with a group of countries in ...

    Publication | 13-03-2015