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  1. Government response to The Netherlands and the Global Approach to COVID-19

    Government response | 10-07-2020

  2. Advisory request Autonomous weapon systems

    In October 2015 the AIV and the CAVV presented the government with their joint advisory report, ‘Autonomous Weapon Systems: The ...

    Advisory request | 30-06-2020 | Minister of Foreign Affairs

  3. The provision and funding of non-lethal assistance to non-State armed groups abroad

    In this report the CAVV and the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) discuss how the provision of ‘non-lethal ...

    Publication | 25-06-2020

  4. Regulating Online Content

    The internet has long been hailed as a forum for the free exchange of information, a promoter of human rights and a driver of ...

    Publication | 24-06-2020

  5. Digitalisation and youth employment in Africa

    The digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world is big. The ongoing coronavirus crisis has exacerbated this problem. ...

    Publication | 19-06-2020

  6. European Security: Time for New Steps

    Europe’s security is under pressure from new threats, fundamental geopolitical shifts and changes in the transatlantic ...

    Publication | 19-06-2020

  7. The Netherlands and the Global Approach to COVID-19

    The corona crisis is a humanitarian, socioeconomic and financial crisis, with enormous consequences for vulnerable countries, ...

    Publication | 11-05-2020

  8. Annual report 2019

    Annual report | 22-04-2020

  9. Advisory request Dutch efforts to tackle the coronavirus crisis in developing countries

    At the debate of 16 April 2020 in the House of Representatives on developments surrounding coronavirus, the government has ...

    Advisory request | 17-04-2020 | Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

  10. Advisory request European security architecture

    Advisory request | 23-01-2020