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Unequal Worlds: Poverty, Growth, Inequality and the Role of International Cooperation

Shifting patterns of poverty in the world require the Netherlands to modify its development cooperation policy, in the AIV’s ...

Publication | 07-09-2012

The Arab Region: An Uncertain Future

In this report the AIV discusses the reforms under way in a number of countries in the Arab region since late 2010, examining ...

Publication | 11-05-2012

Iran’s Nuclear Programme: Towards De-escalation of a Nuclear Crisis

In this advisory letter to the Dutch government, the AIV favours a thorough reflection on the question of whether new avenues ...

Publication | 13-04-2012

The Receptor Approach: A Question of Weight and Measure

In this advisory letter, produced at the request of the House of Representatives, the AIV notes that the concept of the receptor ...

Publication | 13-04-2012

Towards Enhanced Economic and Financial Governance in the EU

In order to stabilise the eurozone in the short term the AIV believes that economic and financial governance in the EU needs to ...

Publication | 03-02-2012

European Defence Cooperation: Sovereignty and the Capacity to Act

In the AIV’s view, the only way for the Netherlands to maintain its ability to act militarily and thus its international ...

Publication | 27-01-2012

Cyber Warfare

In ‘Cyber Warfare’ the AIV and CAVV argue that serious cyberattacks can result in armed conflict, to which international ...

Publication | 16-12-2011

The European Court of Human Rights: Protector of Civil Rights and Liberties

The European Court of Human Rights plays a vital role in safeguarding respect for human rights in all the member states of the ...

Publication | 04-11-2011

The Human Rights Policy of the European Union: Between Ambition and Ambivalence

The AIV believes that the EU’s human rights policy needs to be improved. The AIV advises the government to focus intently on ...

Publication | 01-07-2011

Reforms in the Arab Region: Prospects for Democracy and the Rule of Law?

In ‘Reforms in the Arab Region’ the AIV argues that reforms in this region will benefit from rapid and substantive support for ...

Publication | 27-05-2011