Working methods

The AIV draws up advisory reports at the request of the Dutch government or parliament. Every year the Council drafts a work programme setting out the topics to be addressed in the years ahead. It also produces reports on its own initiative about the pressing issues of the day, mostly in the form of shorter advisory letters.

Each report is produced by one of the AIV’s four permanent committees, or a joint committee comprising various members of the permanent committees. The AIV brings together a wide range of knowledge, professional experience and qualifications. This means that in each advisory process we can draw on the expertise necessary to ensure a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach.

During the advisory process the committee consults academic literature and conducts interviews with experts and people in the field. The Council discusses the progress of the advisory report at various stages, and at the end of the process officially adopts the report.


After the advisory report has been published, the AIV arranges events for experts and members of the public to publicise its reports and contribute to political and public debate on the topic concerned.

Every spring the AIV hosts an event centred on a particular foreign-policy issue. All members and former members of the AIV and its permanent committees are invited to attend.

In addition, the AIV holds the annual Wellenstein Lecture, named after the late Dr E.P. Wellenstein, an honorary member of the Council.