Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee prepares advisory reports concerning current international developments in the area of human rights, Dutch human rights policy, and the role of international institutions, businesses and civil society organisations.

Chair Janne Nijman




Dr Maarten Biermans
Head of Sustainable Capital Markets at Rabobank

Professor Antoine Buyse
Professor of Human Rights in a Multidisciplinary Perspective & director of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) at Utrecht University

Maria Anne van Dijk
ABN AMRO Global Lead Social Sustainability

Arjan Hamburger

Former Human Rights Ambassador and Ambassador to Peru and Ecuador

Ton Heerts
Mayor Apeldoorn

Dr Narin Idriz
Researcher at the TMC Asser Institute

Professor Nicola Jägers
Professor International Human Rights Law at the Tilburg Law School of Tilburg University

Maral Khajeh
Program Coordinator Justice & Peace

Dr Bart Schermer
Associate Professor at eLaw of Leiden University & Partner of Considerati

Dr Naema Tahir

Dr Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh
Associate Professor of Sustainability Law, University of Amsterdam


Dr A.M.C. (Karin) Wester