Monika Sie Dhian Ho

Monika Sie Dhian Ho

Vice-Chair, European Integration Committee

Monika Sie Dhian Ho (b. 1967) has served since 2016 as General Director of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’. In 2008 she was appointed director of the Wiardi Beckman foundation, a think tank for Dutch social democracy. From 1997 to 2007 she worked for the Scientific Council for Government Policy.

She began her career as a lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University, and undertook fellowships at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne and the Sussex European Institute in the United Kingdom. She studied political science at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Other positions

  • Lecturer, Netherlands School of Public Administration
  • Member of the expert group to study the issue of political support for the use of force between states and humanitarian intervention
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the Amsterdam Centre for European Studies

AIV Advisory reports

Over the past five years Sie has contributed to the following advisory reports: