Professor Joris Voorhoeve - Vice-Chair, AIV

Professor Joris Voorhoeve - Vice-Chair, AIV

Chair, Peace and Security Committee

Professor Joris Voorhoeve (b. 1945) is a former member of the Dutch Council of State and Professor of International Organisations. After completing his education in the Netherlands and the United States he worked at the World Bank, the Telders Foundation, the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, the House of Representatives, the Ministry of Defence and the Office of the Minister for Netherlands Antillean and Aruban Affairs, the universities of Wageningen, Leiden and Antwerp, and the Netherlands Defence Academy.

Professor Voorhoeve has written five books and many articles on international affairs.

Other positions

  • Director, Sen Foundation
  • Past positions:
    • Member of the Trilateral Commission
    • Chair of the Oxfam International Board of Supervisors
    • Chair of the Board of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict
    • Member of various advisory committees

AIV Advisory reports

Over the past five years Professor Voorhoeve has contributed to the following advisory reports: